Saturday, 20 July 2013

Kickin' Rad Adventure Time Heels For Awesome People

After a little bit of a slow start, Hysterical Enterprise has pulled it's finger out and come up with perhaps the coolest pair of shoes that have ever graced my feet.

Adventure time, c'mon, grab your friends.
We'll go to very distant lands, with your brand new, awesome, kickin' rad Adventure Time high heels!

I have to say I am distraught to be selling these shoes on, I think that are lovely. But as they say, the best gift is one you are naughtily tempted to keep for yourself. (Love to my housemate, Edmund for taking these pictures. It's hard to take pictures of your own feet!)

They were fairly straight forward to make and there is a fine tutorial incoming...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Dawning of a New Etsy Shop


We are Hysterical Enterprise and now we exist. We have one amazing item up for sale in the shop and counting.

Our founding principle is making cute, nerdy things for our friends and casual strangers.

In the shop right now we have a set of hand embroidered, Portal hanging arts. One of a kind and absolutely hand made.

The Future of this Blog

Keep watching this space for features on the things that interest the maesters that be at H.E. We enjoy reusing & upcycling; cosplay & costuming; as well as a variety of exciting films, TV shows, comics and manga. We shall update this place twice a week, we hope you enjoy it.

Please also take the time to go look at our Etsy Shop, Tumblr Feed, and like us on Facebook.

Shop Sneak Preview...